L'oreal Revitalift Eye Cream 15 ml

♦ Deep within the skin,8 precious natural lifters are at work to help skin looking youthful,firm and wrinkle-free.

Product Information:

♦ Is designed to stimulate 8 natural lifters in the layers of the skin,boost natural production
♦ High performance formula: L'oreal's Stimulift technology & Pro-retinol A

♦ Plump the skin from within to provide skin firmness
♦ A powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient to stimulate cell regeneration


♦ Immediately, the eye contour is hydrated and toned
♦ In 4 weeks,wrinkles and crows feet are visibly reduced the eye contour is firmer and the eye area is illuminated


♦ The fresh,fine and melting texture of revitalift eye can be used morning and evening
♦ Apply delicately from the internal to the external corner of the eye,then penetrate by tapping lightly with your finger

Made In Germany

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