Banafa Sabaya Haramy Bakhoor 12 Pieces


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Banafa Sabaya Haramy Bakhoor 12 Pieces
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Banafa Sabaya Haramy Bakhoor 12 Pieces

- This will energize your home environment with its unique aromatic effect.

- Purify the air and kill germs by a slow-burning off.

- These specialized fragrances are a perfect accessible way to cover unwanted household smells like cooking, pets, damp clothes, etc.

- A mixture of wood chips soaked in perfumed oil and other fragrance ingredients.

- Sprinkle a little over incense burning charcoal or electric incense burner and enjoy.

- Blend of natural traditional ingredients.

- Powdered Bakhoor.

- This kind of incense bar should be Burned on coal in an appropriate burner, or in the electric burner.

- Brand: Banafa

- Content: 12 Pieces

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