Martini SPA Massage Soap Holder Glove


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Martini SPA Massage Soap Holder Glove

♦ The Martini Spa Massage hammam glove brings Middle East well-being to your daily rituals. How to use: Take a bath or a hot shower to open the pores, lathering your body with soap - preferably the black or Aleppo soap - and leave for at least 5 minutes. Rinse your body and rub the glove over your entire body (avoiding the face) in small circular movements. Rinse and dry. This treatment promotes deep cleansing, making the skin clean, soft and radiant. It is recommended to rinse the glove before and after each use and allow it to drip-dry. It does not contain latex. Dermatologically tested.



♦ Brand: Martini

Made In Italy

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