Morinaga Silken (Tofu) Firm 349 g


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Morinaga Silken (Tofu) Firm 349 g

- Tofu is a popular ingredient in Asian cookingm, tofu is a low-fat source of protein which is an ideal occasional or frequent replacement for meat in your dishes.

- Unique texture and ability to soak up flavours in marinades makes it perfect for adding to meat dishes or enjoying on it's own.

- Morinaga tofu is long-life, so if you keep it sealed in the packet in the right storage environment it will last a great while, so you can bulk buy this ingredient if you use it often. 

- Morinaga  tofu is also made from non-GM soybeans, contains 0% cholesterol and is lactose free, making it a greatly versatile ingredient for many diets and lifestyles.

- Brand: Morinaga 

- Size: 349 g

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