Nester Handbag Organizer


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Nester Handbag Organizer

♦ Experience Innovation Designed To Fit Your Handbags, Scarves And Caps & Go Easy On Your Wallet. Yes, in just 10 minutes you can make up to 85% more closet space in place of your current storage “system”. The solution is our one-of-a-kind Handbag Organizer, Organize Scarf and Organize Cap. Their patented designs organize all collections, from your handbags and scarves to caps and belts.


♦ Organizes and stores up to 8 handbags.

♦ Hangs on either closet rod, hook, nail, wall or door

♦ Very easy to attach and remove bags and holds them securely.

♦ Can be used for hanging belts and baseball caps too.

♦ Constructed of heavy gauge cotton canvas


♦ Brand: Nester

♦ Color: Beige Of right now

♦ Material: Heavy guage of cotton fabric.

Made in China

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