Omron Stepcounter Calori Scan Pink

♦ Whether you want to lose weight or just maintain your current level, CaloriScan gives you the motivation you need to stick to your plan and keep yourself healthy.


♦ 24/7 Calories Burned: Calculates the amount of energy you burn from all your daily activities, even resting
♦ Burned Fat: By measuring the intensity of your activity, the unit can calculate the amount of fat burned in a day
♦ Distance:Records how far you have gone
♦ Clock Included:A 24 hour digital clock is included
♦ Calories Burned:Knowing your additional energy consumption as a result of your daily activities
♦ 3D Sensor:3D Accelerometer Sensor. Detects movements in three directions.
♦ Daily Steps:Steps taken during the day
♦ Memory:Keep track of your data


Brand: Omron

In The Box:

♦ CaloriScan
♦ Strap
♦ 3V Lithium battery CR2032
♦ Instruction Manual 

Made In China

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