Pedigree Markies Biscuits 150 g (3 Pieces)


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Pedigree Markies Biscuits 150 g (3 Pieces)

♦ A shout out to all dog lovers and pet parents…..want the best for your dogs? Pedigree® has created a variety of tasty dog treats that come in all shapes, sizes and textures, and provide added benefits for your pet. Pedigree® Markies dog treats are are delicious crunchy biscuits for dogs with a tasty marrowbone centre, made with real marrowbone and wholegrain cereal. Pedigree® Markies contains marrowbone which is rich in calcium and phosphorous, and helps in strengthening your pooch’s teeth and bones. So you can feel good about rewarding your pet for awesome behavior, or while training or just playing with them. Pedigree® Markies are a great way to bond with your pet, while ensuring they stay healthy & full of vitality! Pedigree®. We are for dogs.

♦ Add these tasty treats to your dog’s diet while rewarding him for his good behavior, with Pedigree Markies. These treats are made of fresh bone marrow filling, enclosed by a crispy cookie-shaped tube. Providing taste and nutrition - such as calcium, vitamins A and E, and Omega 3 which promotes a shiny coat and healthy skin. Limit treats to 3 treats for small dogs, 5 treats for medium and 8 treats a day for large dogs.


♦ Vitamins and minerals support immune system health

♦ Omega 3 fatty acids support skin and coat health


Brand: Pedigree

♦ Weight: 150g

Made in Hungary

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