Persil Power Gel Lavender 1 L


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Persil Power Gel Lavender 1 L


Persil Power Gel Lavender 1 L

♦ The Persil Power Gel is more powerful than ever thanks to its millions of stain removers. Its advanced German formula removes event the toughest stains with ease to ensure perfect cleanliness and freshness for your laundry. Persil Power Gel, the modern way of washing.


Product Features:

♦ Even stronger on chocolate, starch and grease stains

♦ More washes than powder

♦ Now dosing is even easier thanks to the specing dosing device - no more spilling

♦ Ingredients: 15-30% Anioic surfactants, <5% Non-ionic surfactants, Phosphonate

♦ Contains enzyme, perfume, dye, preservative and optical brightener


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