Premium Beech Fire Wood 10 kg


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Premium Beech Fire Wood 10 kg

♦ Whether you want to enjoy camping trip, snuggle up next to the fireplace, enjoy beautifully smoked meat, or relax around a fire pit, Beech Firewood from Italy is the best choice to fit all your wood-burning needs. It lights easily, burns evenly, and produces a high volume of heat. 


♦ Produces  a very hot fire with nice flames
♦ 100% Seasoned wood. Dry - ready to burn
♦ it is highly dense and has good burning qualities
♦ Premium quality firewood for home heating, fireplace wood and BBQ cooking wood.
♦ Perfect size for easier handling
♦ it has no odor


♦ Weight: 10 kg
♦ Beech wood
♦ 100% natural

Made In Italy 


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