Scotch-Brite Window Cleaner with Extendable Handle


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Scotch-Brite Window Cleaner with Extendable Handle

♦ The new Scotch-Brite Window Cleaner reinvents the window cleaning process into an effective and enjoyable experience. A lightweight, adjustable handle coupled with three different types of heads and ten different angles, this is a multipurpose tool that every household needs. It helps you effortlessly access hard-to-reach places such as at the top and under furniture, ceiling and even car roofs. The window cleaner can be used on many surfaces- windows, glass showers, tiled bathroom walls or tubs, mirrors, car exteriors and more.


♦ Multipurpose tool with microfiber pad, scouring pad & squeegee

♦ Adjusts to 10 different angles to access hard-to-reach areas

♦ Light-weight & easy to handle

♦ Ideal on various surfaces – glass, tiles, car exterior & more


♦ Brand: Scotch-Brite

Made In China      

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