Silica Gel Cat Litter 4.15 kg


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Silica Gel Cat Litter 4.15 kg
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Crystal Litter - Silica Gel Cat Litter 4.15 kg

♦ Silica Gel Litter, or crystal litter, is the newest kind of litter offering improved urine odour control and the highest moisture absorbency. The granular silica crystals absorb the liquid and the odour for an extended period of time compared to other cat litters. Solid waste must be scooped out.


♦ Controls bacteria growth

♦ No dust & No mess! Great for cats with allergist

♦  Odor control fragrance free

♦ Absorbent advanced moisture

♦ lasts for 2 months with one cat


♦ Brand: Crystal Litter

♦ Size: 4.15 kg

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