Toe Separator Small For Diabetics

♦ Diabetica Toe separator, separates dislocated and closely positioned toes, such serving also as correcting device, it protects against corn in between toes
♦ It is physiologically safe and does not cause the risk of athlete’s foot in between toes


♦ Soft foot protection made of novel-type silicone
♦ Long –lasting and wear-resistant
♦ Very soft and smooth
♦ Skin-friendly and hygienic
♦ Thanks to memory effect optimal adjustment, returns to its original shape immediately after wearing


♦ Brand: Medysinal
♦ Size: Small
♦ Contains on 2 pieces
♦ Made from silicone


♦ Apply onto clean and dry skin
♦ Put directly between toes, the soft material adjusts itself optimally to the contour of toes and stays safely without slipping and rubbing or causing runs in socks and stocking

Made In Germany

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