Zacuto Zgrip Junior Hand Grip System For iPhone.Black


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Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Jr.

WithZacuto  Zgrip iPhone Jr.Give you the key feature which is stability when shooting with the iPhone 3GS- iPhone 4 And iPhone 4S. 


 -Zgrip iPhone Jr. is a handgrip system for shooting professional stable video using the iPhone.

-The iPhone snaps into the iPhone cradle which is attached to the handgrip.

-The handgrip has a ¼ 20” thread on the bottom so you can mount it to a tripod. It also has a ¼ 20” thread on the top for mounting accessories such as a light. 

-The Zgrip iPhone Jr. is developed by Zacuto the leading indie camera accessories maker in the professional market.

-All Zacuto products are designed and made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. 

*Comaptible With : iPhone 3GS - iPhone4 - iPhone 4S.

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-Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Jr.


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